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After you change preview options for a volume, you will end up on the update previews page automatically. Xinet will pre-select the types of previews it thinks need to be rebuilt, based on what preview options you changed, but you can always modify the options for updating the previews before submitting the task. To update the previews in Xinet, please check the process below.

Note: Updating previews can cause high server load for a significant period of time. We recommend doing this during low traffic hours so as not to impact end-users.





  1. On the nativeadmin, navigate to VOLUMES/USERS > System Volumes update previews.

  2. Select a volume from the dropdown list.


  3. You will see a page like the following:


  4. From the For FPO view, choose dropdown, select exactly which previews to rebuild. The available options are the following:
      • All FPOs on the selected volume
      • EPS-format FPOs only
      • Image files without FPOs only
      • Update Location only

  5. Select the options for updating the previews. 

    Note: The options that will appear in your environment will depend on the modules you have licensed.

    Option Description
    Update small and large WEB previews This will update the Web previews for the selected volume.
    Update PICT previews This will update PICT previews on the selected volume. 
    Rebuild Office document previews (if enabled) This option only appears if you have installed software from Openoffice.org.
    Rebuild Video previews (if enabled) This option only appears on servers where the Video Module for Xinet has been installed.
    Rebuild HTML document previews (if Video is enabled) This option only appears on servers where the Video Module for Xinet has been installed.
    Scan all volumes that have FPO and/or WEB previews Although you selected a volume in step 2, enabling this option will cause Xinet to rebuild previews for all volumes on the system.
    Limit scan to subfolder: After you activate this option, you will be able to select a subfolder within your volume using a pop-up list.
  1. Click on the Update Previews button once you are satisfied with the settings. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to update the previews at this time.


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