Setting up an Access Control List (ACL)


Xinet uses Access Control Lists (ACLs) to keep control over the following activities:

  • Which users can run the Xinet administration view 
  • Which users can access High-Res, FPO or WEB Access views of a particular volume
  • Browser access to Xinet portals 

Check the following section for the details on how to set up an ACL in Xinet.



  1. On Webnative, navigate to FILESHARE/ACLS > Access Restriction (ACLs) > new acl.


  2. Enter the name for the ACL on the Access Control List name field.

  3. Use the following options to configure the Access Control List criteria: 


    • IP network: Enter the IP address and use the Add with... dropdown to select the number of significant bits (netmask). Setting the significant bits allows you to decide how much of any incoming IP address should be tested against the acceptable entries.

    • IP host (name or N.N.N.N): Enter the IP address of the specific host (make sure to click the Add button). You can repeat this action to add more than one IP host.

    • Login account: Select the specific login account from the dropdown list. You can repeat this action to add more.

    • Group: Select from the dropdown the specific group desired. You can repeat this action to add more than one group.

    • Existing ACL: Pick from the dropdown an existing ACL (this is added automatically to your selection).

    Note: When setting up ACLs, keep the following guidelines in mind:

    • An ACL must contain at least one (1) IP network address, a user account, or a collection of other ACL to limit access.

    • If you have network addresses and users in the same ACL, then a user must match both criteria to gain access.

    • If you have a list of only user names or only network addresses, then a user needs only to match one of them. 

  4. In case you made a mistake in adding an option on the previous step, you can easily delete it by clicking on the Delete icon (Screen_Shot_2020-03-13_at_3.29.09_PM.png) of the wrong setting added in the Access Granted to: section.


  5. Click Submit to save the changes.



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