Previews Not Being Generated for Office Documents


When end users try to create a preview for some larger Office documents, the following errors appear within the Xinet Logs:

officesync: processing fileid <fileID>: "/Path/To/File/FileName.pptx"
officesync: File too big (<filesize> bytes) "/Path/To/File/FileName.pptx". Skipping...



By default, there is a 50MB limit for office previews, which can be changed by editing the config file located at: /usr/etc/venture/var/fpod.conf

  1. Open /usr/etc/venture/var/fpod.conf in your preferred editor.
  2. Locate this line:
    20(60) $v/bin/officesync -fid$i -volflags$f
  3. Add the "-maxmbsize XX" flag:
    20(60) $v/bin/officesync -fid$i -volflags$f -maxmbsize XX
    Note: XX is the maximum number of megabytes (MB) that you want to allow.
  4. Restart the FPO daemon to finalize the changes by executing:
    # kill -HUP fpod



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