Cannot AFP mount volume mounted on server as NFS on Xinet V17.7.5 Solaris


A User created a new storage to the OSX 10.15 Catalina server with NFS and shared it as AFP with other volumes on the same server but when it was mounted, it was timed out and produced an error message "There was a problem connecting to the server. Please check the server name or IP address and try again." The user was on Xinet V17.7.5 Solaris.



This issue was investigated but the support team was unable to discover the root cause.

The agent first tried to install Xinet 17.75 on Solaris 10 but was not able to configure this due to Solaris being an End Of Life product.

The recommendation from the internal product team was to migrate to Linux with the last stable version of Xinet 2020.7 and mount the drive using the updated version of Xinet.

Additionally, checking the logs in the at_log.txt file, there was an adjustment in the block size, which may cause the issue where they were not able to mount the volume using AFP. The error afpObjectNotFound, please let the customer check with his infrastructure team about those error messages and compare for both old volumes which work fine and the new volume which is not working.

[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]/xxxxxxx adjusted blocksize from 0x00000200 to 0x00040000

[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]/xxxxxxxx total is 0x0002799d5ed24000 free is 0x00012627f7670000 blocksize is 0x00040000
[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]Reply: afpNoErr
[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]TCP Reply: afpNoErr 4
[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]fpOpenVol replies 0 on volume "Pruebas-ISILON-FullPress"
[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]Could not stat xxxxxxxxx
[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]fdinfo returns w/afpObjectNotFound, upn "xxxxxxxxx"
[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]Reply: afpObjectNotFound
[Tue Sep 29 16:02:52]TCP Reply: afpObjectNotFound 0

It is recommended to consult with the Apple support team regarding the afpObjectNotFound error.



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