db_updatewebnativeperm: Could not find group name in db


While reviewing the at_log, you are seeing the following errors appearing regarding missing user groups:

  • "db_updatewebnativeperm: Could not find [Group Name] in DB."



This error message most often means that the group is not found on the database, but something is incorrectly referencing it. Often this can be a group created via Active Directory that is not present on webnative.

Xinet stores User Group information in two locations. When seeing this error, you can review the locations below to verify that they do not exist within Xinet:

  1. You can view the available groups stored within the database:
    mysql> SELECT * FROM groups;
  2. The groups will also be displayed in the "groups" file:
    # cat /var/adm/webnative/groups

Once you have verified that the specified group does not appear within Xinet, you can run a check and repair the database schema. This will address any modifications to the database that might be leading to this error message.

Note: Although the commands below are harmless, it is suggested that you first test within a Testing instance and consider making a full database backup before making any changes to your production database.
  1. Execute the command below to find any discrepancies in the DB schema:
    # /usr/etc/venture/bin/dbmgr -D -checkmissingtables
  2. If there are any differences reported, you can try to amend them with the following command:
    # /usr/etc/venture/bin/dbmgr -D -updatewnperms



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