How to Retrieve Hardware-ID Manually


When trying to activate a production or temporary license on the Xinet server, an error message appears that states "There was a bad argument error. The license (or serial number) is invalid". This prevents the license from being activated. 



Make sure that the Hardware ID matches the license you are attempting to activate. If you do not know your Hardware ID, there are two ways you can get the Hardware ID:

  1. From the WebNative Admin
    1. Navigate to License > License > Xinet License

  2. From the Command Line
    1. Execute the following command in your Terminal:
      # /usr/etc/appletalk/atlic 
    2. The command will display the ID and ask for a license string. You can attempt to register the license at this prompt.

If the license continues to fail, you can generate a 5 days emergency license following the steps in the article Getting an Emergency LicenseThe emergency license will work for you until our Operations team generates a full license for you. You will still need to submit a ticket to support for our Operation team to process the license.




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