New Adobe InDesign Plugin Release Expectations


As new releases of Adobe InDesign are released, you may find that there is not yet a new Xinet Plugin for the new release. Users will be asking when the Xinet plugin for the newest Adobe InDesign CC version will be releasing and its compatibility with certain Xinet versions. (For example, InDesign CC 2021 support for Xinet 19.x)



When new releases of Adobe InDesign are released, there is often a delay in the development of new plugin versions. This is due to waiting on Adobe's release of the SDKs necessary for development to begin. Our Development Team will always begin work on the releases as soon as the SDK details are made available, and it is normal to see a small delay.

Xinet Adobe CC plugins are not tied to a specific version of Xinet and new releases of the plugins will also work on any version of Xinet.


Releases for the Xinet Adobe Plugins are handled within the IPCST Jira project.

If a customer inquires about a particular release, search for the new InDesign version within the IPCST project. You can inform the customer of the current status of the development work before directing them to monitor the release notes for further information.



The links for the latest 2022 plugins can be downloaded below:

Both of the Adobe InDesign 2022 Plugins will be compatible with Xinet 19.x+



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