Virtual Machine Hardware ID has changed causing license key expiration.


The Hardware ID (H/W ID) on your Virtual Machine (VM) Xinet SDK system has changed. You are not aware of any changes having been made in the virtual machine. Due to the H/W ID changes, the Xinet software license key expired. 



Creating a new License

The most important thing is to get an emergency license, to ensure that operations can continue as smoothly as possible. Please follow the instructions provided in the article Getting an Emergency License

Then, once the emergency license has been secured, follow the steps in the article How to request a license quote or renew your license as a Xinet Customer

Information Behind the Issue and Prevention

The Hardware ID does not change unless there is a change in the VM's hardware, such as the MAC address on the Network Adapter. This will occur when your virtualization software (VMWare) assigns the VM with a unique MAC address on reboot. See Xinet Hardware IDs and Licensing for more information.

To prevent the changes and run out of license, limit the number of restarts of the Virtual Machine hosting Xinet.



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