Filter with path logic does not filter correctly with two path volumes


When creating Filters with path logic for volumes with subfolders, the search will filter the specified path but restricts the user from viewing any other paths. This causes the search to incorrectly filter out assets based on the filter rule.



For example, if there were two paths:

  • Xinet/Volume1
  • Xinet/Volume2

The user would want access to Everything within the Volume1 path, while Filtering Only the Volume2 path. Currently, in versions before Xinet 2020.7, when you try to restrict the filter for the 1st path only, you can't access any files from the 2nd path.

The fix to this issue has been applied in Xinet 2020.7. Upgrade Xinet to version 2020.7 or later using the steps in the Upgrading Xinet article.



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