Xinet Date-Trigger Events 


You may need clarification about the Xinet date-trigger events. This article provides information about the date-trigger events.

Note: Admin access to the Xinet environment is required to manage Trigger Events.


  • A Date Trigger runs Actions when a certain time-based condition is met. For example, if a field named Due Date is set to 9:30, and there is a Date Trigger configured to run Actions when the time reaches one hour before the Due Date, then at 8:30 this trigger will run its Actions.
  • Each type of trigger is useful in different scenarios. For example, if you want to have things occur at a certain time, such as 90 minutes before the file is due at the press, send it via FTP, then a Date Trigger Rule will be appropriate to use.

Note: When you edit any js file, then you need to change and re-save the trigger with the settings otherwise the new js file will not be read.

Useful Link

Please refer to the Xinet Administration Guide for more information on date-trigger events.



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