Configuring Solr Search and Filtering Options


The incorporation of the Solr search engine provides faster and more comprehensive searching, as well as structured filtering of results. Users can refine their search results using a faceted search paradigm, enabling users to easily pinpoint the content they're searching for. In addition, search queries can be saved.

This article provides information on customizing Solr search behavior through its configuration and filtering utilities, using solr.config


  • Xinet v18.1.x, 19.0, 19.1.x, 19.2.x
  • RHEL 6 x64, RHEL 7 x64, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 - 10.12 x64, CentOS 6.5 - 7.2 x64
  • SOLR 6.2.1


    1. Go to DATABASE > Admin > searching.
    2. Click Pause Solr Process. (click to enlarge)
    3. Open the solr.conf file from /usr/etc/venture/var/solr.conf
    4. Adjust the values as shown in the table below, then save updates.




Changes Quick Search so that it always does searches for users with  "Aggregate Has Each." This search uses a logical 'AND' for each Quick Search token. Search results are returned from any field the user has permission to search.

To search for phrases, users can apply quotes in their search tokens for exact matches of two or more tokens (words). For example, the search term "red bus" only searches for terms containing "red bus" (not "red" and "bus").

This feature may take searches longer to complete, especially for large installations.

To configure this option, add the following line to the solr.conf file:

aggregate=1 (not included by default)


Sets the initial and maximum Java heap size


If you want exact searches to be applied for multiple words without requiring quotation marks, add the following line to the solr.conf file:

legacysearch=1 (not included by default)


Maximum number of facet values returned for each facet (default value = 100)


For a given file, limits the maximum size of text data in kilobytes to be supplied to Solr for indexing.

(default value = 8192)


Specifies the default search operator. Possible values are:

0 = AND

2 = OR

(default value = 0)


Specifies the default Solr type to use for string fields. Changing this value will require a full re-index of data.

(default value = text_en)

  1. Go to DATABASE > Admin > searching,  click Start SOLR.


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