Configuring Xinet Pilot for Mac OS


Once the Xinet Pilot has been installed, the application requires a small configuration to connect to the Xinet Portal server.

If you need to install the Xinet Pilot, please refer to the Installing Xinet Pilot on a Mac OS Client Machine article.


Login credentials to Xinet Portal/Pilot.



To configure the Xinet Pilot for Mac OS follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Pilot by opening a Finder window, browsing to the Applications directory, and double-clicking on the Xinet Pilot application icon.

    Alternatively, find the Xinet Pilot in the search bar.
  2. The Xinet logo appears in the status menu bar on the upper right corner of the desktop after launching the application. A help message will be displayed by default for the first five times the application is launched. In the recent macOS versions (Catalina and up), Apple introduced enhanced security, so you might see "Xinet Pilot" would like to receive keystrokes from any application warning.


  3. Open Mac System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy tab to allow the proper functioning of Xinet Pilot.

  4. Click Quit & Reopen.

  5. Right-click (option + click) the menu icon to display menu items.
  6. In the Xinet URL field, type the IP address or the FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) of the Portal server followed by /PORTAL/pilot. Your Xinet URL should be similar to the example below:


    Note: in the modern macOS versions, you might be seeing Allow XPipe accelerated transfers option.

  7. Optional - Change any of the following settings:
    • Store passwords in Keychain - Your password is automatically entered the next time you log in.
    • Always trust self-signed certificates - Automatically accept the public key certificate for your Pilot server.
    • Open at Login - Pilot is automatically started when you restart your computer.
    • Toggle Visibility Hot Key - Set your own HotKey.
    • Empty Cache - Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data.
  8. Click on Apply (The login dialog box will appear).
  9. Enter the user name and password and click on Sign In. The Volumes will be displayed afterward.

Pilot Menu Options (Macintosh)

  • Show Pilot - Toggles the visibility of Pilot on. The grey menu text means the browser is hidden; black menu text means the palette is visible.
    Tip: You can also toggle the visibility of the palette by left-clicking on the menu icon.
  • Hide Pilot - Toggles the visibility of Pilot off.
  • Window Aways in Front - Displays Pilot in front of all opened windows. By default, this option is enabled.
  • Preferences - Lets you specify the Xinet Administration server URL and other options.
  • Tasks - Lists the current tasks and whether the task was successful, for example, drag and drop into Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator.
  • About Pilot - Displays the current version of the browser application and copyright information.
  • Help - Displays the Help Page text, which is the same text seen when launching the browser application for the first time.
  • Quit - Quits the browser application to end the Pilot session completely.



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