PDF Not Rendering Properly


There are cases where users upload a PDF file to Xinet, but when they view it, the text font is not the same as the original file uploaded. See the example below:

  • Original file (cropped).

  • File view Xiner Portal (cropped)


This article will explain why this issue happens and how you should handle such cases.

Root Cause Analysis


The cause of this issue is that the original PDF was created using the Print to PDF feature of Microsoft products like MS Word, MS Excel, etc.

To validate this, you can run the following command and look for the Producer key in the output:

exiftool -G1 <filename>

Replace <filename> with the name of the file that you want to check. In this example, our file name is test.pdf


As you can see in the image above, the Producer key reveals that the Print to PDF feature from Microsoft generated the file. The Print to PDF from Microsoft generates PDF files assigning the CIDFont+F1 and CIDFont+F2 fonts. These fonts are not supported on the Xinet Server.


Since the mentioned fonts are not supported on the Xinet Server, the only solution is to re-create the PDF document using other tools like Adobe Acrobat DC instead of using the Microsoft Print To PDF feature.

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Once the customer recreates the PDF file using the supported fonts and uploads it to Xinet, then it should be visible exactly the same as the original file on Xinet.

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