Resolving Wrong Image Previews


This article provides the process to correct the image preview if it is wrongly cropped.

There might be cases where a preview generated from a JPEG file is wrongly cropped. See the example below.

Original image file looks like the below image:


Xinet generated preview looks cropped, as shown in the image below:


This is commonly caused because the original JPEG file contains a wrong clipping path. 


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Please follow the below steps to determine if your picture has a clipping path and to resolve this issue.

  1. On the server where Xinet is installed, please run the following command.

    /usr/etc/appletalk/mkfpo -D -web <original_file_with_issue>

    Replace <original_file_with_issue> with the path to the JPEG file with preview issues.

    For our example, we will use /xinetvoljul/uservolumejulio/test_picture.jpg, so the command will end up looking like the following.

    /usr/etc/appletalk/mkfpo -D -web /xinjuliovol/uservolumejulio/test_picture.jpg

  2. In the command output, look for the messages PICT has clip, and PICT has clippath as shown in the image below.


  3. If you find the messages specified in step 2 in the command output, you will need to either remove the clipping path or adjust it to resolve the issue with the preview.

    For more information on this topic, please check the Edit Clipping Masks article from Adobe.


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Once you remove or adjust the clipping path, the image preview will be shown correctly.

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