Search Error Codes

You may encounter error messages in the venture.log file related to searchdb2 similar to the following one:

searchdb2_getresultid: Error! err[-4]

You will notice that there is a negative number inside the braces at the end of the line - it is the error code.
The following table describes the searchdb2 error codes.

Error Code Description
-1 The user has no venture-enabled volumes (possible sync) or does not have access to the specified path.
-2 The specified userid is invalid.
-3 The specified searchid is invalid.
-4 At least one of the filters has incorrect parameters, causing the search not to run.
-5 Sub-search filter calls its parent search, resulting in a loop (circular filter reference).
-6 Browsing mode but no valid path supplied. No results are returned. Caused when paths are not correctly synced with the file system.



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