Hidden Files Showing up in Search Results


You notice that you are seeing specific hidden files appearing within your Xinet search results. You added these files to your Volume with an external tool, and you want to determine the best way to exclude them from the search results as they are not needed.



By default, search results do not include hidden files, but there might be very uncommon cases where some hidden files appear. When an external tool copies the hidden files to the Xinet volume, the FinderFlags field for the copied files in the File table is incorrect. Because the Xinet application isn't notified that those files are hidden, they are included in the search results like any other file.

Using the syncvoltodb utility, you can attempt to force a re-sync of the folders containing the hidden files using the steps within Synchronizing a Single Path on the Volume with Xinet Database. This will attempt to reconcile the misclassification of the hidden files within Xinet.

If you continue to see certain hidden files in your search results, as a workaround, you can manually remove those files by following the process detailed below.

  1. Removing hidden files with the dbmgr utility:

    # dbmgr -remove -p "PATH_TO_HIDDEN_FILE"
    Note: Replace PATH_TO_HIDDEN_FILE with the full path to the file to be deleted.
    1. Repeat the above command to remove all hidden files you want to be removed.

    2. If there are multiple hidden files under a common directory, you can remove the complete directory instead of deleting one file at a time, as shown below:

      1. Example Directory Path: /mnt/raid1/ASSETS/Pending/.TemporaryItems
      2. The command will look like this:

        # dbmgr -remove -p "/mnt/raid1/ASSETS/Pending/.TemporaryItems"


  2. After removing the files, run the following command to clean any possible orphaned records in the database:

    # dbmgr -dbclean



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