Viewing Xinet Volumes


You may need to review existing volumes to verify their configuration or to create a volume with the same configuration. Alternatively, you may want to proceed with editing or deleting a volume. This article describes how to view Xinet volumes and their attributes.


  1. From WebNative, navigate to VOLUMES/USERS > System Volumes > summary.

  2. The summary of the existing volumes on the server is displayed.

    • The Volume column shows the name that was assigned to the volume when it was created.
    • Click on the volume's Root Path to view its Toplevel (in the same way as it is displayed for qualified users when they open it).


    • The Disk Space column shows the used space and the free space in the filesystem (where the volume was created); it is similar to the output of the Linux command df -h.
    • The checkmarks in the Volume Type column indicate whether or not FPO and Web versions of images are stored.
    • The checkmarks in the Database column indicate whether the volume is using the built-in Xinet database (Venture) and whether file previews are being stored there.
    • The two buttons under the Edit column are used to edit volume's configuration and delete the volume.

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