Valid License showing as Expired or Not Valid


You notice that the Xinet Administrator Web Console shows your license has expired. While looking at the at_log, you will be flooded with errors that state "License XXXXXXXX is not valid on this machine" even with a valid license that has been applied to the environment. 



This issue has been determined to be an issue with the AFP connection and you will need to restart the service to reload the license on the server.

You can run the following command to verify that the license status in the system is valid:

/usr/etc/venture/bin/dblogd -D -l
  • If the command returns an unlicensed message: Get an Emergency License and contact your Account Manager.
  • If the command returns "WebNative Venture is fully licensed in this server."
    Move on to the below steps.

Reconnecting the AFP Service

  1. Navigate to Webnative > FILESHARE/ACLs > AppleShare Service > connected users
    1. Confirm the active sessions using the AFP AppleShare.
  2. Shutdown the AFP Service by executing: 
    # /usr/etc/appletalk/atinit halt
  3. Execute the following commands to check for and kill any active ksd sessions:
    # ps -eaf | grep ksd
    # kill <ProcessID>
  4. Restart the AFP Service by executing:
    # /usr/etc/appletalk/atinit start


Removing Backend Content

After restarting the AFP Service, check the at_log or WebNative Admin console to confirm if you continue to see the license errors. If the error message still exists, you can reference the steps below to fully remove the backend wnarchive and FlashWeb content and restart Apache:

  1. Check the /usr/adm directory if there is a folder called wnarchive. 
    1. If this exists, back this folder up and remove the original.
  2. Check /usr/etc/webnative/plugins/ if there are any leftovers from FlashWeb.
    1. If any FlashWeb content exists, back them up and remove the originals.
  3. Restart Apache:
    # systemctl restart httpd




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