Long save times when saving an InDesign document in the Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Xinet plugin for MacOS


When trying to save an InDesign document with the Xinet Metadata ID plugin Adobe InDesign for MacOS, users are experiencing long save times when saving an InDesign document with the plugins enabled. Users report that it takes 10-18 minutes on huge files with many linked images and pages.



Writing of metadata to these large files is expected to produce these longer load times. A Product Enhancement has been submitted to provide an improvement on the performance of the plugin in future releases.

As a workaround, you can utilize the following macOS commands to reduce the Preview Sizes and Generate Previews only for thumbnails, which can provide some improvements:

# defaults write com.xinet.indesign.webnative MaxPreviewSize -int 600
# defaults write com.xinet.indesign.webnative WhichPreviews -int 1


WhichPreviews Options

WhichPreviews Value Description
0 Disable all Previews
1 Thumbnail Previews Only
2 Enable Full Previews


Note: If you need to generate Full Previews temporarily for a specific file, you can re-run the WhichPreviews command above with a value of "2" and then re-save the file. Once saved, and the previews generated, you can set the WhichPreviews value back to 1 to regain the improved performance.



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