Gaining access to the Xinet Reseller (AXI) Portal


You are trying to connect to the Xinet Reseller (AXI) Portal, but you cannot gain access. You have never had login credentials, or your last known good credentials are not working as expected.

You need an account to access the Xinet Reseller (AXI) Portal to Download Xinet Installers, review information about your customers, or Request Emergency Licenses.




If a customer submits a request for creating an account or resetting their password for the Reseller Portal, submit a SaaS Request to the PLNP Jira Project, per the Xinet Component Routing Table.


  1. To request login credentials or a password reset, you will need to submit a ticket to support with the following information:
    • License Serial Number
    • Email Address
  2. Once this information has been provided, our support team will submit your request to the Infrastructure Team on your behalf.
  3. Then visit the Xinet Reseller Portal and verify your access with the new credentials.



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