Print Image Replacement Issues in Adobe InDesign 18.4 or later


While processing PDFs via a hot folder, you may encounter an issue where the Image Replacement process does not work as expected. Despite the images existing, the Image List in the print queue dashboard may be blank. While this issue has been fixed in a later software release, you may be hesitant to upgrade to a newer base OS, such as RHEL 9.



The problem initially arose in version 18.4 of InDesign, but it has been resolved in version 18.08 with RHEL 9. For a complete fix with the latest builds of InDesign, an upgrade to the latest Xinet versions (2023.10.3 or later) on RHEL 9 would be necessary.

As an alternative to upgrading the base OS, if you are experiencing this issue and are using Adobe InDesign version higher than 18.3, consider downgrading to Adobe InDesign version 18.3. This version has been reported to work smoothly in this specific workflow. 



  1. Can I continue using a higher version of Adobe InDesign if I am not experiencing this issue?
    Yes, if you are not experiencing this issue with your current version of Adobe InDesign, there is no need to downgrade.
  2. Will downgrading to Adobe InDesign version 18.3 affect my other workflows?
    Downgrading to an older version may affect other workflows depending on their requirements. It is recommended to test your workflows after downgrading.
  3. Can I upgrade to a later version after downgrading?
    Yes, you can upgrade to a later version when you are ready to upgrade your Xinet version.



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