Making the Most of the Xinet ATLAS Support Chat


Having the possibility of an AI chat specialized in Xinet to answer your questions and solve your issues can significantly reduce the time for you to get help. ATLAS lets you skip the wait for a support agent to fulfil the most common tasks you contact support for, such as licensing requests, and ATLAS is constantly learning and improving.

Even in cases where ATLAS cannot solve your problem, letting it do an initial triage and collect the relevant information before transferring you to an agent will enable us to help you more efficiently. To maximize the probability of having a productive interaction with ATLAS, we recommend you follow  some basic "best practices":


1. Describe the issue in detail from the beginning.

Similar to what you would do when raising a ticket.


  ✅ "I require assistance with a failed update for my Xinet 2023 server."

  ❌ "Update"


2. If ATLAS doesn't understand your question, rephrase it.


  "There is a vulnerability"

ATLAS: "Can you please provide more details or ask differently?"  

  ✅ "I ran a security check and identified an Apache vulnerability. How can I fix this?"

  ❌ "There is a vulnerability"


3. If you are offered buttons, use them.


ATLAS: "What version of Xinet is this license for?" (16) (17) (18) (19) (20 or later)  

  ✅  <<Press the (19) button>> 

  ❌ "This is for Xinet 19.2.1"


4. Don't ask for an agent without letting ATLAS try to solve your issue.

ATLAS is trained in some complex common scenarios and can check things in the backend and perform changes. You would be surprised!


ATLAS: "How can I help?"  

  ✅  "I require an emergency license as my VM had a hardware change and the HWID changed."

  ❌  "I need an agent"


5. Always review the related articles suggested by ATLAS.



6. Don't panic!

We know that ATLAS is imperfect, and we are 100% dedicated to improving it. If ATLAS cannot help you, and you confirm with the buttons that the solutions provided didn't help. It will eventually transfer you to an agent.





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